Power Factor Correction

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Power factor is the measure of how effective incoming power is being used at a site; it is expressed as a numerical value between zero and one.   The closer a power factor is to one, the more efficiently a business is consuming electricity. A power factor between 0.95 and one is more cost effective.

A poor power factor will negatively impact your electricity costs!

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Power factor can be improved by installing Power Factor Correction equipment called Capacitor Banks.  These Banks work to correct energy supply inefficiencies, whilst also reducing peak demand on the electricity network.

Benefits of improving the PF include ……

  • Maximising current carrying capacity;
  • Improve voltage to equipment;
  • Reduce power losses;
  • Lower electricity bills and electrical maintenance costs.

Funding assistance for the installation of PFC Equipment may be available for your organisation.  To learn more about Power Factor Correction and establish if your organisation is eligible to receive
funding please call us.Contact Image - Ally