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Electromech Services understands the particular requirements of rural, farming and crop producing operations.  By providing irrigation and electrical support for agribusiness we specialise in reducing rural electricity consumption and costs by increasing efficiency.  

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With extensive experience in domestic, rural and industrial pumping installations including delivery of cool clean water to stock troughs, providing effective irrigation systems or even moving slurry from one side of your plant to the other we will work closely with you to ensure an effective and sustainable solution can be implemented.

With the correct sized pump and a variable speed control on the motor – you can achieve the optimum ‘energy in’ for ‘results out’.   We can audit the electrical efficiency of your operation – are you “gating” back your pump sets to adjust flow, or pressure?  If this is what you do then you may be paying more for electricity than you need to.

Couple these simple ideas with ensuring you are utilising the most suitable tariff available and you can start to reap the rewards in lowering one of your key operational running costs.

With the addition of an 8-tonne borer lifter crane to our fleet we can now also provide an end to end solution for the installation or upgrading of aerial or underground power supplies.   Supply, delivery and installation of 8 and 11 meter treatedContact Image - Ally power poles completed in line with your requirements.

Electrical safety   Electrical Safety in Agribusiness

Farm safety

It is a requirement under law to provide a safe work environment for you, your family and your employees. Is the switchboard and the installation up-to-date? Are there safety switches on outgoing circuits? Electromech Services can advise, cost and rectify.